How to Increase Your Child’s Attention Span

Children get restless and impatient quickly, and it is often hard to pay attention. Exposure to mobile devices can create stimulation and immediate gratifcation. Our children tend to get distracted more easily; parents are fnding it more challenging to get them to focus.

Are the ways to make some improvements and extend their attention span?

You can try these suggestions.

Providing a Supportive Environment 

Serve nutritious foods. A balanced diet is the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. If they resist eating vegetables, cut them into fun shapes and small sizes. Keep the usual junk food to a minimum.

  1. Exercise regularly. Physical activity keeps our minds sharp at any age. Gather for a walk whenever possible. Make exercise a routine activity every weekend.
  2. Limit screen time. Decide which shows you want to watch and turn the set of in between. Pediatricians recommend two hours a day or less of TV and internet browsing.
  3. Rest and relax. Stick to consistent bedtimes, even on weekends and holidays. Ensure they have sufcient sleep on most days.
  4. Make learning fun. Turn schoolwork and chores into a contest and give them a challenge and a small reward for completion on time. Your child squirms after 10 minutes of doing homework.
  5. Provide a positive role model. Your child will appreciate the importance of concentrating if they see how it enhances your home life. Listen to them attentively when they describe their day at school. Team up to bake cupcakes or go gardening together.

Encouraging Constructive Habits

  1. Communicate face to face. While we can communicate in many ways, kids need practice with in-person conversations—plan for family dinners and weekend outings.
  2. Practice self-talk. Guide your child on how to give themselves a pep talk when they face a challenging situation. Train them to talk to themselves as a form of self-encouragement or assurance.
  3. Head outdoors. Nature has a powerful efect on our minds. A walk in the garden or an outdoor activity will help your child to slow down and become more observant.
  4. Breathe deeply. Our breathing also infuences our thoughts and feelings. Bring your child to a yoga class to receive instructions on fun breathing exercises. Buy them a harmonica or blow soap bubbles.
  5. Work on crafts. Children love to immerse themselves in hands-on activities like arts and crafts. Getting them to do something they can focus on for a longer duration gradually helps cultivate concentration.
  6. Read books. Let your child pick books that interest them and encourage them to read constantly to become their hobby. Storytime is an ideal opportunity to train your child to focus.

We can help our children to succeed in school and their activities or interests. The power of concentration will help them to live mindfully, harness their energies, and achieve more with less efort.

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