How to Make Weekends Less Stressful

Weekends are a relaxing and fun time for the family. As parents, we have worked hard over the week; we ought to take a break.

However, our weekends are often flled with obligations and responsibilities to catch up with our family routines and schedules. While we crave to reconnect, we might end up fulflling the chores we cannot squeeze in during the week. Finally, we may end up feeling another form of stress at home.

How can we cope with busy weekends and return to work feeling refreshed?

Try these suggestions for parents looking for ways to make their weekends less stressful and, ideally, more enjoyable.

Spending More Time with Your Kids

  1. Plan ahead. Are you tired of Sunday night surprises? Talk with your kids on Fridays to fnd out when their homework due dates or what are the important tasks for the week. Have a head start on planning what is needed for the week.
  2. Gamify tasks. Have fun while you are considering what needs to be done. Give your kids stickers for cleaning their room. Stop for ice cream for their exceptional behaviour.
  3. Share interests. Find activities you both enjoy doing. Plan together on how to create more fun while together.
  4. Eat together. If it’s difcult to coordinate schedules during the week, ensure that you share as many meals as possible on weekends. Cook a nutritious dinner together at home and go to your family’s favorite restaurant for a special brunch.
  5. Encourage conversation. Work on your communications. Listen to what our children say and observe their emotions. Engage them in topics of their interests and likings to undercover the Why.
  6. Take outings. Use the extra hours on weekends to create lasting memories. Spend time as family or have dates with your children. Let your children say where they like to visit or places they want to explore.
  7. Lighten up. Many studies show that having a positive emotional connection with your child is more important than being by their side around the clock. Focus on the quality of your hours together instead of feeling guilty when you’re apart.

Taking Care of Household Responsibilities

  1. Clean as you go. Taking care of messes immediately and cleaning a little each day will leave you with less to do on weekends. Just 15-30 minutes a day may be enough to keep your home presentable in between deeper cleanings.
  2. Eliminate clutter. Donate or sell items you rarely use. Housekeeping is much easier when you limit your possessions to the essentials.
  3. Coordinate activities. Be strategic about doctor appointments and extracurricular activities. Try to accomplish errands with fewer trips and less distance. Batch similar tasks together like doing your laundry while you dust the living room.
  4. Cut back. Set priorities and say goodbye to old routines that add little value. You may want to focus on better lifestyle habits than familiar preferences that lessen your quality of life.
  5. Pull together. Ask each family member to do their part to make weekends easier. Split up chores with your partners and children. Rotate jobs or pick the ones that you are efcient in.

You can look forward to Fridays when you plan and set realistic expectations. Take the stress out of your weekends for your family to enjoy peace and happiness each day.

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