Make Your Child to be Excited About Homework

My child often needs help with their homework, I was too busy to sit with them. Do you have a similar predicament and hope to spend more time with them?

It is a reality that not all parents have the time to accompany their children for their homework; however, there are still ways to support them to be excited about doing their homework.

What can we do:

  1. A simple homework routine which is closely or strictly followed.

Our children know they will have to do their homework; however, they are smart enough to observe how we enforce it on them. In addition, you can consider to;

  • Set a good example and show interest in what they are doing. Our child will feel more motivated because we are interested in their activities.
  • Creating a fling system for school papers/documents and preparing essential stationery can help them get organized, reducing their reasons for not having this and thus not doing that.
  • Celebrate each accomplishment, even if it is a small efort or achievement. It will help your child feel encouraged and feel motivated to try their best.
  • Tell them how you used to do your homework. They might be interested in listening to our childhood experiences too. If you do not have a positive story to share, tell them your pain points and how and why you would love them to be in a diferent situation.
  • Create a designated workspace for the children to focus on their homework to avoid distractions. It will give our child a sense of ownership and responsibility for their work.
  • Have a well-planned timetable to schedule the homework routine and They need to know the specifc day/time and duration that they need to concentrate on doing work.
  1. Encourage your child to take breaks upon completion of specifc tasks and work.

Children often get impatient if they must sit down for a while doing the same work or activity. Often, if they stop their work for a longer time, they may not get back.

Taking short breaks can help your child avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  • Have a little walk around to reduce their stress and rejuvenate. Tell them what they can or cannot do as they walk around.
  • A short conversation is sometimes what they need. Let them share their progress with you, take the opportunity to encourage and remind them of their accomplishments.
  • Some children may easily feel tired or stressed, give them a little pat or push by telling them how they can beneft after completing their work.
  1. Create a fun reward system. It will help your child stay on track and do more. For example, they get a small reward for accomplishing their homework goals. It can be anything from a food they like to as small as a sticker on their behavioural chart. It should not be anything signifcant.
  • Choose a reasonable reward that your child will feel encouraged and motivated. We must also be confdent and committed to deliver this reward.
  • Make achievable goals and be consistent with the reward system. Children respect consistency, and it will also encourage them to be compatible with their eforts.
  • Reward them soon after they accomplish their goal. You want to capture the moment and remind them why you have provided the rewards.

Helping our children get excited about homework can be a challenge, but it is about managing with the right approaches.

Our children will have homework stress and this amount will advance as they progress along their academic pathway, it will be a good idea to cultivate them positively when young.

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