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Children Doodle Stationery – Single Side Bookmark Characters Digital Printable

US $2.99

Edufrienz has created a delightful set of digital printable activity dual-side bookmarks called Single Side Bookmark Characters that are sure to spark the imagination of young readers and send them on a magical creative adventure. These bookmarks are a special addition to our digital stationery designs; they feature a collection of adorable Doodle characters that kids may personalize with their own designs.

Kids love to explore this magical world and choose their favorite characters and drawings from our unique Doodle selection. These bookmarks are more than just blank slates; they’re a chance for kids to get messy and creative with activities like coloring, cutting, folding, pasting, and laminating. Inspiring creativity and self-expression, each page presents a different bookmark design with a black-and-white variant for coloring.

Featuring a combination of amusement and a personalized touch, these bookmarks are an ideal present for your child or their pals. Make sure you get a one-of-a-kind, bespoke print-out by making it flexible to individual printers.

Here at Edufrienz, we truly believe that your child may develop their creative side through engaging in fun activities that teach them how to make their own stationery. We believe that this experience not only encourages creativity, but also helps students to appreciate the beauty and practicality of making something unique. Come and explore the limitless possibilities of creativity with Single Side Bookmark Characters. The thrill of creation is just around the corner.

Theme: Doodle Digital Single side Bookmark (Characters)
No. of Pages : 7
Recommended Ages: 4-9 years old


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