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Children Memory Flashcards – Digital Printable

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Where fun and learning come together, you’ll find Edufrienz’s vast library of educational and activity games. A carefully crafted game to encourage your children’s learning and growth, Flashcards Memory Game is now in this special version as an exciting learning aid.

The creators of this special version set out to make learning fun and engaging for kids. Making your own unique memory game by cutting and pasting flashcards is a quick and easy way to practice what you’ve learned with the Flashcards Memory Game. In addition to improving fine motor abilities, this interactive method makes learning more interesting and engaging.

Carefully crafted to impart 10 distinct “values,” this game offers a wide variety of information for kids to discover and internalize. In this engaging and instructive setting, kids may work on their memorization abilities while having a good time.

Immersing oneself in this activity helps youngsters develop their cognitive abilities, which in turn improve their memory and their capacity to build connections. You can make learning fun and effective with the Flashcards Memory Game, which turns your flashcards into a dynamic instrument for joyful knowledge reinforcement.

The Flashcards Memory Game exemplifies Edufrienz’s dedication to provide materials that surpass conventional learning methodologies. Help us provide your kids a place where learning is more than a chore; it’s an exciting journey full of new discoveries and great achievements. Embark on an interactive learning journey with the Flashcards Memory Game, where fun and knowledge merge in perfect harmony.

Basic Rule of Game:

  1. Flip the cards and remember the position of the different cards.
  2. Collect the cards when you have the same card.
  3. The player with most cards will be the winner of the game.
  4. We can get our child to give a simple explanation on how each of the value is important.

Activity Outcome: Our children can “create” their own game cards and to associate the importance of the words in the different cards.

No. of Pages: 4
Recommended for Ages: 5-8

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