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Children Values and Behaviours Printable eBooks for Kids: Learning About Gracefulness

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Children Values and Behaviours Printable eBooks for Kids – Learning About Gracefulness – Learning about Gracefulness. authored by Edufrienz.
This charming, 20-page Printable eBooks for kids adventure is packed with engaging stories featuring our lovable SPARK Frienz characters.

What’s Inside?

  • Captivating Stories: Spark your child’s imagination with relatable narratives that introduce the concept of gracefulness.
  • Real-Life Learning: Bridge the gap between story and action with practical examples that show how to be graceful in everyday situations.
  • Essential Values Development: This e-book goes beyond manners, teaching children about elegant self-expression and thoughtful behavior.
  • Interactive Activities: Learning is an adventure! Challenges, reflections, and deliberate activities solidify understanding and make learning fun.

Benefits for Your Child:

  • Character Building: This e-book goes beyond knowledge, instilling values that contribute to positive social interactions and personal growth.
  • Engaging and Fun: Interactive elements make learning about gracefulness a truly enriching experience.
  • Meaningful Development: Activities reinforce the lessons learned, leading to a deeper understanding of how to be graceful in all situations.

Download “Learning About Gracefulness” today and empower your child to navigate the world with kindness, confidence, and poise!

No. of Page: 20

ISBN: 978-981-17411-0-4


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