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Children’s E-book: I believe in you Motivation – Digital Printable

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Motivate Your Child to Achieve Greatness – A Fun, Printable Activity Pack!

Does your child ever feel discouraged when facing challenges? “I Believe in You – Motivation” is here to help! This engaging digital printable pack combines a heartwarming story with interactive activities to boost your child’s confidence and inspire them to keep striving.

“I Believe in You – Motivation” is more than just an activity pack – it’s a confidence booster and a springboard for future success. Download yours today and watch your child’s motivation soar!

No. of Page: 25

ISBN: 878-981-17411-1-1

Unleash Your Inner Champion with Edufrienz: “I Believe in You – Motivation”!

The Power of Storytelling

Our captivating story follows Ping, a young basketball player who feels down after a tough practice. His supportive friend, Ace, reminds Ping of the importance of focus and perseverance. Through this relatable tale, children learn valuable lessons about:

  • Overcoming setbacks
  • The power of belief
  • The importance of hard work

Boosting Confidence Through Activity

“I Believe in You – Motivation” goes beyond a simple story. The pack includes a range of activities designed to reinforce the message and engage young minds:

  • Comprehension questions: Test your child’s understanding of the story and its themes.
  • Applying knowledge: Encourage children to see how the story’s lessons apply to their own lives.
  • Analyzing characters: Spark discussions about the different characters’ attitudes and motivations.
  • Creative expression: Challenge your child to identify their own goals and how to achieve them.

A Fun and Educational Resource

This digital printable pack is perfect for:

  • Home learning: Supplement your child’s education with a fun and meaningful activity.
  • Classroom use: Teachers can use the story and activities to spark discussions about perseverance and motivation.
  • After-school activities: Enhance learning in a relaxed and engaging environment.


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