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Learning about My Family Writing Practise (Chinese) – Activities Digital Printable

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Edufrienz is pleased to introduce our Chinese Practise Worksheets, which have been carefully crafted to meet the educational requirements of our kindergarten students. The use of these bilingual worksheets, which incorporate equivalent Pinyin (phonetic pronunciation) to enhance the experience of learning a language, serves as an entertaining tool for learning how to address various members of the family.

These practice worksheets not only teach our kindergarten students to comprehend and address various members of their family, but they also provide them with opportunities to actively engage in writing activities. The framework of the organized Chinese Practise Worksheets transforms into a dynamic platform for the development of language abilities, guaranteeing that young students not only read but also write about family relationships in both languages.

In the interest of fostering dual-language competency, Edufrienz has developed this version with the explicit intention of fostering a thorough awareness of how to address members of the family. Not only do our students improve their vocabulary via the use of writing practice, but they also gain the practical skills necessary to describe familial ties in both languages. The purpose of the Chinese Practise Worksheets is to serve as a useful resource that prompts students to actively engage with and communicate their knowledge of the dynamics of families via the medium of writing.


No. of pages: 14 pages.
Recommended for: 5 to 6 years old.


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