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Doodle Art Learning Content – Emotions

US $2.99

Doodle Art Learning Content – Emotions Edition serves as a captivating doorway for young minds aged 3 to 4 years old to explore the colorful spectrum of feelings. Each of the ten carefully designed activity pages acts as a gentle guide, allowing children to take a step towards emotional intelligence with every stroke of the crayon.

Incorporated into every page are behaviors that embrace the joyful excitement of happiness as well as the tender acknowledgment of loneliness and sadness. The content of this edition promotes a positive attitude by approaching worries and anger with care, offering constructive ways for children to express and manage these emotions. It celebrates the warmth of love and the jolt of surprise, creating a positive association with a diverse range of feelings.

To strengthen their learning on these topics, children can choose to download our full edition. Engaging in coloring activities becomes a powerful tool to remind and remember the ten different values and behaviors, reinforcing the understanding of emotions.

Our Doodle Learning Edition is designed to be user-friendly for educators and parents, making it easy to educate children and impart knowledge. The carefully crafted content provides an effective means of teaching emotional intelligence, creating a seamless and enjoyable learning experience for both children and those guiding them.

You can choose to show these illustration pages through the use of devices. Printing of this learning content is optional.

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