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Doodle Art Learning Content – Healthy Living

US $2.99

“The Doodle Art Learning Content – Healthy Living Edition is a colorful and captivating educational journey that aims to instill in young learners, ages 3 to 6, the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Its twelve illustrated learning pages, each bursting with color and creativity, turn the learning process into a joyful exploration of wellness.

Every page serves as a doorway to constructing vital life skills, from the basic habits of handwashing and teeth brushing to the enjoyable investigation of washing food and the revitalizing ritual of taking a bath. As kids explore the nuances of healthy living, they come across a variety of activities that go beyond traditional education.

Healthy behaviors like walking, drinking water, and getting enough sleep are subtly incorporated into these pages to promote overall wellness.

To strengthen their learning on the following topics, you can also choose to download our full edition where our young ones can engage in coloring activities to remind and remember the ten different values and behaviors.

Our Doodle Learning editions serve as easy-to-use and learn content to educate the children to acquire elementary learning to gain knowledge on a series of different topics of general information to support their developmental journey

You can choose to show these illustration pages through the use of devices. Printing of this learning content is optional.

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