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Edufrienz Doodle Art Learning Content – Sustainability Behaviour

US $2.99

With the help of Edufrienz Doodle Art Learning Content – Sustainability Behaviour Edition, discover the realm of protecting the environment. It has ten entertaining pages that teach us about being environmentally conscious and is intended for children ages five and up.

Each page serves as a gateway to knowledge about how to treat the earth with kindness. In addition to learning how to save water, recycle, and use less plastic, you get to color. The vivid images serve as a helpful reminder to utilize objects with caution.

The focus of this issue is on training us to practice environmentally friendly behavior. It demonstrates how to live simply, plant trees, conserve power, and take the bus or bike instead of the car. Like a guidebook, it helps us make friends with the natural world.

Teachers and parents will find our Doodle Learning Edition simple to utilize. It provides an enjoyable approach to teaching children about environmental stewardship. Children learn and enjoy fun with each stroke of the crayon, which makes it simple for everyone.

These images can be viewed on devices or printed if desired. You have an option. These enjoyable and informative pages allow you to do good deeds for the environment.

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