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Edufrienz Learn About Being Helpful Lesson Plan Pack Digital Printable

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Empowering Parents and Educators to Nurture Young Helpers

Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach children the importance of being helpful? Look no further than Edufrienz’s “Being Helpful” Lesson Plan Pack – a downloadable resource designed to cultivate kindness and build strong character in young minds.

Download your “Being Helpful” Lesson Plan Pack today and embark on a journey of kindness with your child!

Recommended Age: 5 and above
Number of Pages: 72

Teach Kindness and Build Strong Character with Edufrienz’s “Being Helpful” Lesson Plan Pack (Digital Download)

Packed with Activities and Learning Opportunities:

This comprehensive lesson plan pack equips you with everything you need to introduce the concept of helpfulness and its benefits:

  • Clear Learning Objectives: Defined goals ensure children understand the lesson’s focus (CASEL aligned).
  • Engaging Activities: Interactive exercises keep children captivated and actively participating (coloring, writing, scenarios).
  • Creative Materials: Downloadable worksheets, affirmation wall art, and a “Helping Hero” award certificate enhance the learning experience.
  • Discussion Prompts: Questions encourage children to reflect on kindness and its impact.

Benefits for Children:

  • Develop Empathy: By understanding the needs of others, children learn to be more considerate and caring.
  • Boost Self-Esteem: Helping others makes children feel good about themselves and proud of their positive actions.
  • Build Relationships: Kind and helpful behavior strengthens friendships and fosters trust.
  • Foster Social Skills: Children learn to work together, solve problems, and communicate effectively.
  • Promote Moral Development: Teaches children the value of respecting others and making a positive impact on their community.

Perfect for Parents and Educators:

  • Easy to Download and Implement: Get started right away with this convenient digital format.
  • Adaptable for Different Learning Styles: Activities can be tailored to various age groups and interests.
  • Complementary Resources: Combine this lesson plan with other Edufrienz materials like Ebooks, worksheets, and videos for a well-rounded learning experience.

More Than Just a Lesson Plan:

This lesson plan is a springboard for fostering kindness and helpfulness throughout a child’s life. It equips them with valuable skills that contribute to positive social interactions and a strong sense of community.



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