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Edufrienz Learn About Kindness Lesson Plan Digital Workbook

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Equip your child with the power of kindness with this engaging digital printable pack from Edufrienz!

This comprehensive resource, designed for children ages 5 and above, fosters social-emotional learning (SEL) by teaching them the importance of kindness and how to practice it in everyday life.

Download the Learn About Kindness Lesson Plan Printable Pack today and watch your child blossom into a kind and caring individual!

Recommended Age: 5 and above
Number of Pages: 58

Cultivate Kindness in Your Child: The Learn About Kindness Lesson Plan Printable 

What’s Inside?

  • Learn About Kindness Poster: A colorful and informative poster that defines kindness and its benefits.
  • “Be Kind Always, in All Ways” Children’s E-book: A delightful story that brings the concept of kindness to life through relatable characters and situations.
  • The Spark Frienz Worksheet: Kindness: Interactive activities that encourage children to reflect on kindness and identify ways to be kind.
  • Optional Journaling Prompts: Spark deeper conversations and encourage children to express their understanding of kindness.
  • (Bonus!) Coloring Page:** A fun and engaging activity that reinforces the learning objectives.

Aligned with CASEL Competencies:

  • Self-awareness: Helps children understand how kindness makes them and others feel good.
  • Relationship skills: Teaches children how to build positive relationships through kindness.
  • Social awareness: Encourages children to consider the feelings and needs of others.

Benefits for Your Child:

  • Develops a strong foundation for social-emotional learning.
  • Promotes empathy and compassion towards others.
  • Enhances communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Fosters a positive and respectful classroom environment.
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence.


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