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Game Activities Worksheet – Word Search Digital Printable (Our World)

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Bringing a touch of pleasure and simplicity into our children’s life, Edufrienz is proud to introduce these specifically created Word Search Puzzles worksheets.

Names of nations from all around the world are the main attraction of this special edition. This set of Word Search Puzzles is full of well crafted worksheets that will keep kids entertained and provide them with a great resource for learning.

Take a trip around the world with your kids as they enjoy the fun activity of finding the names of different countries. Careful consideration went into creating these Word Search Puzzles so that they would be entertaining and challenging for the mind. Young learners develop their spatial awareness and critical thinking abilities as they explore the grids in quest of country names.

Edufrienz is still committed to giving parents and teachers materials that help kids grow in all areas, not only their leisure. The Word Search Puzzles worksheets are an example of that dedication; they provide a fun and educational approach to learn while also engaging kids’ interests and encouraging them to think critically. Inspire your kids to explore the world of geography with these fun and engaging activities, where every search contributes to a deeper and more complete understanding of our planet.

No. of Pages: 22
Recommended for: 7-9 years old


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