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Learn about Feelings – Understand My Feelings Digital Printable (Vol 1)

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With the help of Edufrienz’s thoughtfully designed resource “Let’s Learn about Feelings (Vol 1) – Digital Printable,” young learners can finally comprehend and express their feelings.

Take an emotional journey with this resource. This 7-page Feelings for Kids version offers a stimulating fusion of creativity and instruction, along with a wealth of activities to help foster their emotional growth.
Children will work on a variety of tasks on these digital pages, such as matching facial expressions to the appropriate emotion, sketching emotions, and expressing their sentiments. Every page turns into an exploration canvas, allowing children to explore and have fun while navigating the complex terrain of emotions.
‘Let’s Learn about Feelings (Vol 1) – Digital Printable’ is more than simply a worksheet; it serves as a starting point for candid discussions as part of Edufrienz’s dedication to holistic development. These pages can be used by parents and teachers to help create an atmosphere where kids can learn how to express and understand their emotions as well as understand them.

Discover the possibilities for developing emotional literacy with “Let’s Learn about Feelings (Vol 1) – Digital Printable,” which turns investigating emotions into an enlightening and powerful experience. This version embraces the delight of learning about feelings and builds the groundwork for a new generation of emotionally knowledgeable people.

No. of Pages: 7
Recommended for Ages: 4-7

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