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Let’s Learn Consonant Digraphs Worksheet – Digital Printable

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The Consonant Digraphs Worksheet teaches consonant digraphs and language.

Phonetics relies on consonant digraphs. Phonemes are two-letter groupings that generate word sounds. These digraphs solely contain consonants, unlike consonant blends. The sound of these consonants combined is distinct from their individual sounds.

This revised version’s entertaining exercises help students discover, decode, and use consonant digraphs in context to enhance their reading and writing. Circling words with digraphs, filling in gaps, and forming phrases might help pupils memorize them better. These assignments strengthen phonetics and teach students how to employ consonant digraphs in varied speech circumstances.

The paper practice sheets help students recall more. We provided you with answer papers to evaluate yourself and check your understanding.

The Consonant Digraphs Worksheet improves consonant digraph learning and practice beyond traditional teaching approaches. These abilities can help you succeed in school and utilize language effectively.

No. of pages: 19 pages.
Recommended for: 6 to 8 years old.


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