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Learning About Counting Money (Vol 2 | 6-7 Yrs Old) – Digital Printable

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Ignite your child’s financial literacy journey with our engaging digital printable workbook! Designed for ages 6-7, this comprehensive resource takes money learning to the next level.

Unlock your child’s financial potential with our Learning About Counting Money workbook – because early financial education is an investment in their future!

No. of Pages: 14
Recommended for Ages: 6-7

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Master Money Skills with Fun: Learning About Counting Money (Vol. 2) for Ages 6-7

What’s Inside:

  • Engaging Activities: This workbook features a variety of interactive exercises, puzzles, and games that make counting money a blast.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Help your child develop practical skills by applying their knowledge to everyday situations like shopping and saving.
  • Building Confidence: Watch your child’s confidence soar as they master money concepts and gain a deeper understanding of financial literacy.
  • Printable & Convenient: Easily access and print the workbook from the comfort of your home.


  • Early Financial Education: Give your child a head start in understanding the value of money and developing smart financial habits.
  • Fun & Interactive Learning: Say goodbye to boring worksheets! Our workbook transforms money learning into an exciting adventure.
  • Parent-Friendly Resource: Includes tips and guidance for parents to support their child’s learning journey.



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