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Learning about Measure Words (Classifier) Chinese Character Colouring Vol. 2 – Activities Digital Printable

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Edufrienz takes pride in presenting these meticulously designed Printable Chinese Measure Words bilingual worksheets, tailored to introduce our children to the fascinating realm of Chinese measure words, also known as classifiers. Recognizing the significance of measure words in Chinese grammar, these worksheets serve as a comprehensive tool for young learners to grasp their importance.

In the realm of Chinese language, measure words are indispensable, serving as companions to every noun. These classifiers, when used in conjunction with numerals, play a crucial role in indicating the quantity of a noun or an action. Edufrienz has crafted five thoughtfully curated editions, each containing 100 commonly used measure words, creating an immersive learning journey for children.

Through these engaging worksheets, children delve into the intricacies of measure words, where they not only learn to read, color, and write the corresponding Chinese characters but also gain a solid introduction to the vocabulary associated with these words. This multi-faceted approach fosters a deeper understanding of measure words, transforming the learning experience into an enjoyable exploration.

As children immerse themselves in the vibrant and playful world of coloring Chinese characters associated with various measure words, Edufrienz aspires to instill a sense of linguistic proficiency and cultural appreciation. By incorporating these printable Chinese measure words into our educational materials, we aim to make language learning both enriching and entertaining for our young learners.

No. of Pages: 20
Recommended for: 6-9 years old
Printable Chinese Measure Words


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