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Learning about Measure Words (Classifier) Chinese Character Colouring Vol. 4 – Activities Digital Printable

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Here is an extensive instructional resource that Edufrienz is pleased to offer: Chinese Measure Words Worksheets, carefully designed to help our kids grasp the concept of measure words, also called classifiers. Measure words are essential in Chinese grammar and these bilingual worksheets are a great way to teach kids about them. They show how they go before nouns. These grammatical components are useful for expressing the amount of a noun or an action when combined with numerical values.

Our carefully selected set of five editions includes one hundred frequently used measure terms, taking children on an exciting educational adventure. The worksheets provide a fun and interactive way for kids to learn the basics of Chinese language and culture through activities like reading, coloring, and writing characters.

With the goal of equipping students with knowledge of the most prevalent measure words, this instructional resource emphasizes the significance of measure words in the Chinese language. Kids can have a blast learning Chinese with these fun coloring pages that feature the characters.

Come and see how our Chinese Measure Words Worksheets, created with love, can transform into powerful teaching resources. Let’s help the next generation become fluent in both languages so they can effectively navigate the language landscape, develop a passion of learning, and have broad cognitive abilities by exploring measure words.

No. of Pages: 20
Recommended for: 6-9 years old


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