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Learning about Sports Worksheet – Activities Digital Printable

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We are pleased to have you visit Edufrienz’s collection of Sports Worksheets. These worksheets have been carefully prepared to provide our kindergarteners a solid grounding in a variety of sports. These worksheets teach kids to a wide variety of sports—basketball, soccer, tennis, and more—in an interactive and interesting way.

Each worksheet in this version serves as a portal to new kinds of athletic activities, taking kindergarteners on a thrilling journey into the realm of sports. In addition to teaching kids the names of other sports, the well-planned activities get them moving and engaged, which helps them retain more of what they learn.

Our hope is that the Sports Worksheets will help kids become more aware of and educated about the wide variety of sports available today. Children are able to put their newly acquired information into practice via the activities’ interactive design, which helps them make the link between the titles of sports and the pictures that go along with them.

These worksheets are part of Edufrienz’s effort to provide a well-rounded learning environment; we hope that they will help children develop a passion for sports while also enhancing their cognitive and motor abilities. Children not only learn to recognize various sports via our engaging and entertaining activities, but they also cultivate a love of physical fitness and team sports.

Our goal in creating this special edition was to inspire our kindergarteners to delve headfirst into the excitement of learning about sports, perhaps laying the groundwork for a love of exercise and a wide variety of sporting activities that will last a lifetime.


No. of Pages: 17
Recommended for: 4-6 years old



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