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Let’s Learn about Colours Writing Practise Chinese – Digital Printable

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We are thrilled to present our custom produced bilingual version, Chinese Colours Writing which was designed by Edufrienz to provide children a one-of-a-kind opportunity to broaden their vocabulary and take a deeper look into the world of colours.

Children will not only be able to read the names of different colors, but they will also be able to write them down on this bilingual worksheet that is ten pages long. In addition to being devoted to a particular hue, each page also includes the Pinyin (phonetic pronunciation) that corresponds to that color.

Children will embark on a trip to learn about different colors in both languages as they work through the Chinese Colours Writing pages of this worksheet consisting of vivid images. The appealing style not only makes it easier to learn a language, but it also encourages students to practice their writing skills in a physical setting. Children can improve their comprehension and knowledge of the terminology related with each hue by concentrating on a single color on each page of the book.

Not only does the bilingual edition of Chinese Colours Writing provide youngsters with the capacity to recognize and enunciate colours in two languages, but it also encourages a learning experience that is both enjoyable and interactive. The purpose of this resource is to foster the development of linguistic skills and to improve the child’s understanding of colors for the purpose of making the process more joyful and productive.

No. of pages: 10 pages.
Recommended for: 4 to 7 years old.

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