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Let’s Learn Transportation (3-4 Yrs Old | Vol 1) – Digital Printable

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Take your young explorers (3–4) on an enjoyable educational excursion with ‘Let’s Learn Transportation (3–4) – Digital Printable,” a compelling resource. This digital treasure trove, containing 12 interesting pages, turns learning into an enjoyable tour of the fascinating world of transportation.

As tiny fingers trace the dots and color the vibrant pages, young learners are introduced to a diverse array of vehicles—from cars to bicycles, planes to trains. The interactive activities, including a Vehicles Word Search, Join the Dots, and matching people with their vehicles, serve as a gateway to early cognitive development, enhancing fine motor skills and fostering creativity.

Tailored for the developmental stage of our littlest learners, this edition makes education a playful adventure. The recommended age of 3-4 ensures that the content aligns seamlessly with the cognitive and motor skills development of our young explorers.

In the word search, children seek out and identify various transportation modes, while joining the dots creates a visual delight. Matching people with their vehicles introduces them to the occupations associated with each mode of transportation.

‘Let’s Learn Transportation’ isn’t just a set of pages; it’s an invitation for our youngest learners to explore, discover, and play while laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

No. of Pages: 12
Recommended for Ages: 3-4

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