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SEL Managing Conflicts A Colorful & Engaging Digital Poster for Kids

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Empower Your Child to Navigate Conflict Like a Pro!
Introducing the SEL Managing Conflicts Digital Poster for Kids!

This vibrant and engaging poster is packed with age-appropriate tools to help your child navigate disagreements and build strong social skills.

What will your child learn?

Identify the Signs of Conflict: Colorful illustrations showcase situations where conflicts might arise, helping children recognize the early signs of a disagreement.
Calming Down Strategies: Simple steps like deep breathing and taking a break are presented in a child-friendly way, encouraging children to manage their emotions before reacting.
Communication is Key: The poster emphasizes the importance of clear and respectful communication during conflict resolution. Simple prompts like “Use ‘I’ statements” and “Listen to the other person” provide a foundation for healthy communication.
Problem-Solving Together: The poster encourages finding solutions that work for everyone involved. It promotes collaborative problem-solving skills and teaches children to see conflict as an opportunity to find common ground.

More than just words:

Beyond the informative content, this poster utilizes eye-catching visuals and a positive, encouraging tone to keep your child engaged and motivated to learn.

Perfect for:

Homeschooling environments
Any space where your child interacts with others

Invest in your child’s social-emotional learning today! This digital poster is a valuable resource that empowers your child to build essential conflict resolution skills, fostering healthy relationships and a positive learning environment.

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Age: 5-9


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