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Spark Frienz Play Money Digital Printable

US $1.99

Introducing Edufrienz’s latest addition to its educational content – the Spark Frienz Play Money Digital Printable. Tailored to support your child’s learning journey, this edition serves as a practical tool to cultivate essential skills.

Spark Frienz Play Money for Kids revolutionizes the concept of currency, turning it into a delightful and interactive learning experience that goes beyond traditional teaching methods. This instructional resource, spanning eight pages, is designed for children aged three and above. Explore the world of Spark Frienz Play Money – a practical approach to understanding currency.

Download, Print, and cut out-and-play scenarios that ignite your child’s creativity while enhancing their mathematical abilities. Through this easily downloadable printable, children can enjoy learning about counting, basic math, and financial literacy. By engaging in mock transactions with play money, young minds can simulate real-world exchanges, gaining a profound understanding of the value and exchange inherent in goods and services.

Grant your children access to an educational space without limits. The Spark Frienz Play Money Digital Printable is not just a tool, it results in an enjoyable and instructive journey that fosters holistic development.

Number of Pages: 8
Recommended Age: 3 & above


English, Bahasa


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