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Spark Frienz Resilience Printable Worksheet

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Resilience Printable Worksheet  Build for Young Learners
Welcome, young explorers! Today, we’re on an adventure to discover something amazing called resilience! It’s a special superpower that helps us bounce back when things get tough.

This worksheet has two exciting activities to help you explore resilience through creativity!

Let’s take a peek inside!

In the first picture, our friends are sitting at a table, happily chatting. Can you arrange the words below to make a sentence about what they might be talking about?

school/friends / five / The / together / sat
(Once you arrange the words correctly, it will read: The five friends sat together at school.)

The second picture shows a fun treehouse! Can you use the words below to write a short story about what the friends might be doing there?

treehouse / There / is / a
friends / Four / were / together / sitting
(Here’s an example story: There is a treehouse! Four friends were sitting together, making plans for their next adventure.)

There’s more!

In the third picture, something unexpected happened to a plant! Can you use the words below to write a sentence about how the friends might help the plant grow strong again?

pots/plants / several / There / were / of
plant / The / had/wilted
(Here’s an example sentence: There were several pots of plants. The friends noticed a wilted plant and decided to water it carefully to help it grow strong again.)

The last picture shows a house with two floors. Can you use the words below to write a story about what might happen next?

house / two / The / has / floors
taller / tree/house / The / has
(Here’s an example story: The house has two floors. Maybe the friends will build a taller treehouse next to it!)
Remember, just like these plants, we can all bounce back and grow stronger!

No. of pages: 7
Age: 5-9


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