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Spark Frienz Self Discipline Printable Worksheet – Digital Worksheet for Kids

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Tired of meltdowns, missed deadlines, and unfinished chores?
This 23-page printable workbook from Edufrienz’s Learn About series is designed to equip your child (ages 5+) with the essential life skill of self discipline printable worksheet.

Invest in your child’s future! Download this comprehensive workbook today and watch them blossom into a responsible and successful individual!

Recommended Age: 5 years old and above
Number of Pages: 23

ISBN: 978-981-5258-53-0

Build Your Child’s Success with Self Discipline Printable Worksheet!

Aligned with CASEL’s Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, this engaging resource will help your child:

  • Understand Self-Discipline: Learn what it means to control your emotions and actions, leading to better decision-making. (Self-Awareness & Self-Management)
  • Develop Different Types of Self-Discipline: Explore areas like time management, emotional control, hygiene, goal setting, and digital responsibility.
  • See the Benefits: Discover how self-discipline helps children excel in school, build strong relationships, and achieve goals. (Improved behavior, Social Skills, Goal Achievement)
  • Put it into Practice: Fun and interactive activities let children apply their learning to real-life situations. From creating daily schedules to identifying well-disciplined behaviors, these activities make learning stick! (English & Problem-Solving)

Here’s a sneak peek at the activities:

  • Create a Routine Chart: Establish a predictable schedule for a sense of security and self-control.
  • Weekly Goal Planner: Set a goal and map the steps to achieve it, fostering goal-oriented behavior and delayed gratification.
  • Screen Time Tracker & Fun Alternatives: Develop healthy habits around digital devices.
  • Self-Discipline Scenarios: Analyze situations and identify well-disciplined behaviors.
  • The Marshmallow Challenge: A hands-on activity that teaches concentration and following directions.

Plus, parents get:

  • Clear Explanations: Understand the importance of self-discipline in child development.
  • Tips & Strategies: Learn effective ways to foster self-discipline in your child.



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