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Spark Frienz Self-Motivation Worksheet Digital Printable

US $2.99

Does your child struggle with starting tasks or giving up easily? Our “Learn About Self-Motivation” Digital Printable Worksheet is here to help!

This engaging printable, designed for children aged 5 and above, is packed with fun activities that teach them the power of self-motivation.

Recommended Age: 5 years old and above
Number of Pages: 12
ISBN: 978-981-5258-26-4

Spark a Lifelong Love of Learning with Our “Learn About Self-Motivation” Digital Printable Worksheet!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Clear and relatable explanations: We break down complex concepts like intrinsic and extrinsic motivation into easy-to-understand examples.
  • Aligned with CASEL standards: Our activities address key SEL competencies like self-awareness and self-management, fostering emotional intelligence.
  • Activities for all learners: Various exercises, from word searches to drawing prompts, keep children engaged and reinforce learning.
  • Real-life application: We help children identify their motivators and independently develop strategies to overcome challenges.
  • Confidence building: Celebrating big and small achievements empowers children to take initiative and persevere.



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