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Spark Frienz Values for Kids – Digital Printable Worksheet

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Build a Strong Foundation in Values with Our Engaging “Learn About Values” Printable Worksheet!
Looking for a fun and effective way to teach your child about the importance of values?

Our “Learn About Values” printable worksheet, from the Edufrienz Learn About series, is the perfect solution! This downloadable resource is specially designed to help children aged 5 and above explore core values, understand their impact, and develop strong character traits.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Engaging Activities: A variety of activities, such as interviews, discussions, and self-reflection exercises, keep children engaged and actively learning.
  • Clear Explanations: Age-appropriate explanations introduce children to the concept of values and how they guide our behavior and choices.
  • Real-Life Examples: relatable examples help children connect values to everyday situations, making learning more meaningful.
  • CASEL-Aligned: The workbook aligns with CASEL’s Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, fostering self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and more.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Activities encourage children to identify and practice positive values daily.

Benefits for Your Child:

  • Develop a moral compass: Children learn to identify and understand core values that guide their actions and decisions.
  • Build strong character: Positive values like honesty, kindness, and responsibility become foundational for good character development.
  • Make responsible choices: The workbook equips children with the tools to make responsible choices that benefit themselves and others.
  • Foster empathy and respect: By understanding values, children learn to see things from different perspectives and treat others with respect.
  • Boost social skills: Values like cooperation and teamwork help children build strong and positive relationships.

This “Learn About Values” workbook is more than just a learning tool; it’s an investment in your child’s future. Download it today and empower them to develop the values they need to thrive!

Recommended Age: 5 years old and above
Number of Pages: 19
ISBN: 978-981-5258-42-4

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