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Sparkfrienz Printable SG Calendar Year 2024 – Digital Kids Planner

US $1.99

Sparkfrienz Printable SG Calendar Year 2024 – Digital Kids Planner brings a vibrant and engaging tool to aid youngsters in learning about time management, planning, and the rhythm of the year. This meticulously crafted calendar is tailored specifically for children, featuring colorful illustrations, playful fonts, and captivating designs that ignite their imagination and enthusiasm.

Designed with the needs of young learners in mind, the Sparkfrienz calendar for 2024 offers a delightful journey through the months, showcasing significant events, holidays, and cultural celebrations relevant to Singaporean children. Each month presents a new opportunity for exploration and learning, with fun facts, seasonal activities, and space for personal notes or drawings, encouraging children to actively participate in their scheduling and organization.

More than just a tool for tracking dates, this calendar serves as an educational resource, fostering essential skills such as numeracy, literacy, and cultural awareness. By integrating learning into everyday routines, Sparkfrienz empowers children to develop a sense of responsibility and independence while fostering a love for learning.

Whether it’s marking birthdays, planning family outings, or counting down to exciting events, the Sparkfrienz Printable Singapore Calendar 2024 for Children is a valuable companion for families, schools, and childcare centers. It not only helps children grasp the concept of time but also instills in them the joy of discovery and the importance of staying organized in a fun and interactive way.

No. Of Pages: 12
Recommended Age: 5-9

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