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Trace and Drawing Edition – Learn to Draw – Cleaning Materials Drawing

US $1.99

Trace and Drawing Edition – Learn to Draw – Cleaning Materials Drawing. With Trace and Drawing Edition – Learn to Draw, take a creative voyage! Equipped with basic skills and supervised knowledge, unleash your artistic potential as you venture into the realm of illustration. This version offers a thorough guide to cleaning supplies for your creative toolkit, going beyond just the basics. Learn the fine art of tool maintenance so that every line you draw is a work of art.

Discover the delicate art of taking care of your creative friends, from brushes that add life to your drawings to erasers that gracefully remove errors. This version not only improves your drawing abilities but also fosters a profound respect for the instruments that enable you to realize your creative vision. Take in the symbiotic relationship between the artist and the instrument, where each stroke has a meaning.

For this edition, our children discover step-by-step instructions on how to draw basic icons of cleaning materials. With our guiding pages, the child will be guided on the basic techniques to confidently trace the lines to draw their masterpiece. 

No of Pages: 13
Recommended Age: 5-7