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Trace and Drawing Edition: Learn to Draw – FRUITS

US $1.99

Step into the realm of creative discovery with Edufrienz’s meticulously designed Trace and Draw edition! This book is an excellent starting point for parents looking to spark their children’s artistic interests.

In this installment, our young painters go on a journey to master the fundamentals of drawing school supplies through a series of steps. Carefully crafted to provide straightforward directions, our guiding pages help kids learn the fundamentals and practice tracing lines with assurance, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of creative expression.

Join us on an artistic adventure as we introduce kids to the Draw Fruits edition. Here they will find detailed instructions on how to sketch fruits, an exciting and nourishing subject that will inspire them to learn more about the natural world. By following the directions on the pages, kids may do more than just trace lines; they can also draw different fruits on their own, transforming their creative projects into a joyous ode to the natural world.

This is a fun and informative way for kids to learn the basics of sketching by tracing and then drawing various fruits. Above and above the norm, Edufrienz’s Draw Fruits edition elevates the simple act of drawing to a fascinating investigation of the varied and vibrant fruit kingdom.

Take your little one on an imaginative adventure where they can learn to draw and discover the wonders of the world around them. Inspiring and instructive for young aspiring artists, the Trace and Draw version will lead them from the very beginning to mastering the fundamentals and beyond.

No of Pages: 14
Recommended Age: 5-7 

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