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Trace and Drawing Edition: Learn to Draw – Kitchen

US $1.99

Welcome to the world of artistic exploration with Edufrienz’s specially crafted creation – the Trace and Draw edition! Serving as the ultimate guide for beginners, this book unfolds essential steps, laying the foundation for our children’s exciting artistic journey.

In this edition, our young artists embark on a captivating adventure as they explore step-by-step instructions on how to draw basic everyday objects found in the heart of the home—the kitchen. Our guiding pages act as a roadmap, gently leading children through basic techniques, instilling the confidence needed to trace lines and bring their imaginative kitchen creations to life.

Enter the educational and artistic journey of Learn to Draw Kitchen, a special segment within this edition that encourages children to discover the art of drawing various common objects found in the kitchen. The guiding pages not only facilitate the tracing process but also empower children to independently draw different kitchen items, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

As we delve into the creative process, the Draw My Kitchen Essentials edition goes beyond the basics, encouraging children to learn about the fundamental strokes involved in drawing diverse objects commonly found in the kitchen. From tracing to drawing, this edition transforms the learning process into an engaging exploration, fostering creativity in young minds.

Immerse your child in a creative journey where they not only learn to draw but also gain a deeper appreciation for the objects that make a kitchen functional and unique. Unleash the artist within as we guide them through the basics and beyond, making the Trace and Draw edition by Edufrienz an enriching and educational endeavor for young budding artists!

No of Pages: 12
Recommended Age: 5-7

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