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Trace and Drawing Edition: Learn to Draw – My Room

US $1.99

Introducing the Trace and Draw edition, a one-of-a-kind product from Edufrienz that encourages young artists to unleash their creativity!

This book is a great starting point for kids because it lays out the groundwork for creativity that any child may use.

In this installment, our young painters will explore the fundamentals of drawing icons in the comfort of their own room, following detailed instructions.

With the help of our instructional pages, kids may learn the fundamentals of line drawing and eventually bring their creative dreams to life. As they go from tracing to drawing the different features of their room, children will discover the thrill of expressing themselves creatively by mastering the key strokes.

Children can develop their creative abilities and get a unique perspective on their living quarters with the Draw My Room version. Children will be able to confidently and creatively depict many things in their room with this edition’s coverage of basic strokes, which range from tracing to drawing.

With Edufrienz’s Draw My Room version, take your little one on an imaginative adventure where they can explore their environment while honing their drawing skills. Beyond the surface level, it’s a means of self-expression and the establishment of a visual record of one’s living quarters. As we teach kids the ropes and more, they’ll discover their inner artist.

No of Pages: 12
Recommended Age: 5-7