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Trace and Drawing Edition: Learn to Draw – My School Essentials

US $1.99

Introducing Edufrienz’s carefully selected creation – the Trace and Draw edition! Step into the thrilling world of creative exploration! This book is an ideal introduction for kids just starting out, as it lays them the groundwork for a lifelong love of art.

This edition takes our young painters on an imaginative trip as they follow detailed directions to create simple icons that stand in for vital school supplies. Our directional pages lead kids in the right direction as they learn the fundamentals of line drawing so they can express themselves creatively and make something truly special.

Come on in to My School Essentials! It’s a part of this edition where kids may sketch and discover all the typical things they see at school. In addition to helping kids trace, the leading pages provide them the freedom to draw whatever they like, making for a well-rounded education.

Along with the rest of the creative journey, this edition of sketch My School goes above and beyond to teach kids the basic brushstrokes needed to sketch a variety of school-related objects. This updated version takes tracing and drawing to the next level, making it an interactive and exciting learning experience that will encourage young brains to reach their full potential.

Get your kid involved in a creative process that will teach them to sketch and help them appreciate the things around them at school. The Trace and Draw version by Edufrienz is an engaging and instructive project for young aspiring artists since it helps them unleash their inner artist while guiding them through the fundamentals and beyond.

No of Pages: 14
Recommended Age: 5-7 

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