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Trace and Drawing Edition: Learn to Draw – Things at Home

US $1.99

Introducing the Trace and Draw version, the newest innovation from Edufrienz! This book sets the stage for our children’s thrilling adventure into the realm of painting by serving as a crucial guide for novices.

In this installment, our young artists go on an exciting journey as they follow detailed directions to sketch commonplace items they can find in the safety of their own homes. Inspiring kids to boldly trace lines and bring their homemade creations to life, our guiding pages serve as a compass, gently guiding them through basic techniques.

Step into the creative and instructive world of Draw Things at Home, a special section of this edition that invites kids to explore the delight of drawing everyday things they see around them. In addition to making tracing easier, the leading pages provide kids the freedom to draw various things on their own, making for a well-rounded and individualised education.

We continue farther into the creative process in the sketch Things at Home edition, which takes kids beyond the basics by teaching them the basic strokes needed to sketch a wide variety of everyday objects. This new edition takes tracing and drawing to a whole new level, turning it into an exciting adventure that encourages imagination and a stronger bond with everyday objects and places.

Involve your little one in an imaginative adventure where they can learn to draw and develop a greater respect for the commonplace things that fill a house with character. Let your child’s creativity soar as you lead them through the fundamentals and beyond with Edufrienz’s Trace and Draw version, a rewarding and instructive experience for young painters!

No of Pages: 12
Recommended Age: 5-7

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