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Trace and Drawing Edition: Learn to Draw – VEGETABLES

US $1.99

Introducing the Trace & Draw version, a meticulously crafted work of art by Edufrienz – a journey of creativity for those just starting out!

This book is a great resource for our young artists since it lays down the groundwork that every child needs to begin their creative path.

In this installment, our young artists explore the fundamentals of sketching emblems associated with school supplies in a methodical manner. Careful attention to detail in the page design guarantees that kids will understand the fundamentals needed to draw lines with assurance and give life to their own unique creations.

Our carefully crafted pages serve as a roadmap for young artists as they master the fundamentals of sketching, moving from tracing to freehand drawing everyday items from their classroom. This updated version explores a wide range of topics that stimulate a child’s imagination and interest beyond the usual school materials.

The new Draw Vegetable edition gives kids a chance to hone their drawing abilities while delving into the colourful veggie world. With the help of the instructions, they can confidently draw various vegetables and trace lines, transforming their creative pursuits into a tribute to the abundance of nature.

Send your little one on an imaginative adventure where they can discover the world through their eyes and develop their drawing skills. Kids may unleash their imaginations and gain a new appreciation for everyday objects with the help of Edufrienz’s Draw Vegetable edition. As we teach kids the ropes and more, they’ll discover their inner artist.

No of Pages: 14
Recommended Age: 5-7 

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