Edufrienz is a lifestyle and developmental digital content provider from Singapore. Our primary focus is to empower children from 3-to-9 years old with enriching and practical learning resources, fostering their positive development.

Dedicated to shaping each child’s growth journey, our diverse content portfolio comprises ten captivating categories. These include values and behaviour nurturing stories, learning content, fundamental activities, and other engaging resources.

Edu embodies our commitment to promote Equality, Diversity, and Uniqueness. We wish every child to enjoy equitable access to learning resources, embrace and celebrate differences, and nurture their distinctive personalities.

To make the learning journey truly enjoyable, we have crafted five adorable animal characters as developmental companions to guide our children through relevant topics that resonate both cognitively and emotionally. We want our children to foster a genuine interest and cultivate positive interpersonal traits.

Choose Edufrienz as your child’s digital brand and let them embark on an enriching developmental journey together!

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