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Introducing the SPARK Frienz characters! Curated as the Developmental Companions for your 5-to-9-year-old child, these cute animal characters are here to spark your young ones to embark on a nurturing journey to cultivate good interpersonal skills. 

With a focus on imparting values and behaviours, these characters aspire to enhance your child’s positive development. Our content is themed around nurturing topics to positively influence our children by associating with and acquiring good interpersonal traits. 

Motivating them through reading personality-building eBooks, characteristics-themed worksheets, affirmation coloring pages, inspiring wall art, and many more engaging activities, we aspire to fill their learning with practical and relatable examples.

 Join us in providing your child with a nurturing and fun learning experience that they will truly enjoy!

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Children’s Values and Behaviours E-book
Learn About Stress with Spark Frienz

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