Spark Frienz Characters

The SPARK Frienz are the five primary characters studying in the same school and residing in the neighbourhood. Each has their distinct characteristics to represent a diversity of personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

Like our children, these characters are exploring to learn and grow within their diverse family backgrounds and experiences.


The Relational Girl

Born in a well-to-do family, Shine enjoys the indulgence of a good life where she can be spoilt at times. She is confident and enjoys making new friends and building good relationships.


The Self Managed Leader

The group leader is assertive with great self-discipline. He is very independent and can lead others well. Despite facing constant discrimination for his brown skin. he manages and organizes tasks responsibly.


The Highly Aware Reader

Ace often takes the perspective of others in whatever he does. He appreciates, expresses his gratitude, and knows what others’' need and want. He loves to read.


The Responsible Sister

A responsible child who helps her parents at home and takes good care of her two younger sisters. Rain is a humble and passionate girl who can make responsible choices and decisions despite her young age.


The Social Aware Enthusiast

Raised by her single mum, Kit is a very frugal and considerate girl. She makes a point to understand others and empathize those around her. Kit loves the environment and aims towards a minimalist lifestyle.

X Frienz

The Wilful Duo

This group of 2 friends are the classmates of SPARK Frienz and will be challenging the positivity of the 5 characters. The X Frienz will demonstrate a list of critical negative traits for our child to be wary of.