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Build a Craft – Digital Printable

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Our 13-page Crafts Activity Book is a wonderful introduction to the world of creative, hands-on making for children, and is sure to spark their imaginations and encourage them to express their creativity. Crafted with love to captivate young minds and ignite imaginations, this activity book is ideal for budding artists who love to create.

This activity book takes children on a journey into the realm of arts and crafts with each page offering a new chance to discover the three-step creative process. The main objective of the games is to put together different pieces to create cute animal faces. To make sure everything goes well, there’s a reference photo on every page that kids can use as a helpful guide as they construct.

Children who take pleasure in making their creative dreams a reality will like this well crafted Crafts Activity Book. This activity book is more than just a place to make something; it’s a blank slate where kids can express themselves via the use of color, shape, and texture as they make cute animal faces.

As kids delve into the charming pages of this activity book, they go on an adventure of discovery, improving their fine motor skills, increasing their creativity, and feeling proud of themselves with each finished item. This book is so much more than that; it opens a door to a realm where creativity has no limits.

Our Crafts Activity Book is a reflection of Edufrienz’s dedication to offering engaging learning experiences for young students. As your children discover, make, and enjoy the wonders of making with this interesting and instructive tool, the adventures may begin.

The animals include in this edition are:

Kids can cut the various parts provided in the page and paste them to achieve the final artwork as shown in the reference image provided. They can colour their artwork once they glue them together and it settles down.

No. of Pages: 10
Recommended for Ages: 4-7


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