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Children Values and Behaviours E-book: Learning About Minimalist

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Introducing our Children Values and Behaviours Printable eBooks – Learning about Minimalist, authored by Edufrienz.
Raise Children Who Value Simplicity with Edufrienz’s Printable E-books.
This engaging series uses relatable stories featuring the lovable SPARK Frienz to introduce essential concepts of minimalism and conscious living.

Benefits for Your Child:

  • Understand Minimalism: Through interactive stories, children learn the value of simplicity, mindful consumption, and cherishing what they have.
  • Develop Good Character: Thought-provoking exercises, questions, and challenges encourage reflection and solidify learning, shaping positive values and behavior.
  • Embrace a Simpler Life: Edufrienz’s e-books go beyond mere knowledge, inspiring children to appreciate a life free from clutter and focused on meaningful experiences.

Benefits for Parents:

  • Spark Meaningful Discussions: The e-books provide a springboard for family conversations about conscious consumption and simplified living, fostering deeper connections.
  • Instill Positive Values: This series helps children develop a sense of gratitude, responsibility, and mindful living, shaping their character for the future.
  • Fun and Engaging Learning: The captivating stories and interactive elements make learning about minimalism enjoyable and memorable for children.

Join the SPARK Frienz Printable eBooks on a mindful journey! Download Edufrienz’s e-books today and empower your child to navigate a consumer-driven world with simplicity and thoughtful living.

No. of Page: 20

ISBN: 978-981-17410-7-4


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