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Edufrienz Doodle Art Learning Content – Basic Behaviour

US $2.99

Presenting Edufrienz Doodle Art Learning Content – Basic Behaviour Edition, a useful set designed for kids five years old and up that functions as an entertaining teaching tool for important life skills. This version, which includes 10 carefully crafted activity pages, turns coloring into an engaging investigation of basic habits, helping young students develop a sense of accountability and routine.

Teachers and parents can share these vibrant illustrations with children, guiding them to explain the importance of behaviors such as eating meals on time, maintaining dental hygiene, and cultivating healthy daily routines like reading and doing homework. Eco-conscious behaviors are also introduced, emphasizing the significance of resource conservation.

You have the option of downloading our whole edition to support your education on these important subjects. Children may actively recall and reinforce these habits by coloring, which lays the groundwork for responsible adulthood.

Children may easily learn from and utilize our Doodle Learning Editions, which are easily navigable instructional resources. These editions encourage children’s cognitive growth by encouraging responsible behavior and positive habits that enhance their general well-being. They are made to aid in elementary learning and knowledge acquisition.

You can choose to show these illustration pages through the use of devices. Printing of this learning content is optional.

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