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Let’s Learn 2D Shapes (Vol 3) – Digital Printable

US $1.99

Unlock your child’s geometric potential with Edufrienz’s Let’s Learn 2D Shapes (Vol 3) digital printable! Designed by educators, this engaging resource is packed with interactive worksheets that make learning about shapes a fun adventure.

Give your child the gift of geometric understanding with Let’s Learn 2D Shapes (Vol 3). It’s the perfect tool to ignite a lifelong love of learning and shape a brighter future.

Activity: Writing basic description that best represent each different shape by filling in the blanks.

No. of Pages: 13
Recommended for Ages: 5-6

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Let’s Learn 2D Shapes (Vol 3): A Fun & Interactive Way to Master Shapes

What’s Inside:

  • 10 Essential Shapes: Comprehensive coverage of circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and more.
  • Variety of Activities: From tracing and coloring to identifying and describing shapes, each activity reinforces key concepts.
  • Interactive Learning: Hands-on exercises promote understanding of shape properties and spatial awareness.
  • Customizable: Tailor each page to your child’s learning pace and style for a personalized experience.
  • Affordable: Priced at just $1.99, this digital printable is a budget-friendly investment in your child’s education.


  • Builds a Strong Foundation: Develops essential geometry skills and spatial reasoning.
  • Boosts Confidence: Empowers children to recognize and understand shapes in their everyday world.
  • Enhances Creativity: Encourages artistic expression through shape-themed activities.
  • Screen-Free Learning: Provides a valuable alternative to digital learning tools.



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