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Let’s Learn Fruits Writing Practise (Chinese Edition) – Digital Printable

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The launch of our bilingual edition,Chinese Fruits Writing Practise at Edufrienz is something that we are really excited to share. This edition, which has been painstakingly constructed, provides young students with a lovely opportunity to expand their language capabilities and investigate the fascinating world of fruits.

For children, this worksheet offers an interactive platform that allows them to read and write the names of a variety of fruits. It consists of sixteen pages that are interesting. Each page focuses on a particular fruit and includes the Pinyin (phonetic pronunciation) that corresponds to that fruit. In addition to reading, students get the opportunity to actively engage in writing practice for a wide variety of subjects in both languages. The worksheets in this Chinese Fruits Writing Practise set provide a comprehensive instrument for the development of language skills, thanks to the structured framework that they provide.

The purpose of this edition is to provide your child with the opportunity to acquire two languages via the use of interactive activities, all while beginning on a fun adventure of fruit discovery. Children not only improve their vocabulary through the practice of writing, but they also develop the practical skills necessary to communicate issues connected to fruits in both languages. This edition of Chinese Fruits Writing Practise, which is available in both English and Chinese, is an essential resource that encourages active engagement with and expression of knowledge about a variety of fruits through the medium of writing.

No. of pages: 16 pages.
Recommended for: 4 to 6 years old.

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