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Primary 1 to 3 Chinese Writing Practise Worksheets (Vol 3A) – Digital Printable

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It is with great pleasure that we at Edufrienz provide our extensive collection of bilingual Chinese Writing Practise Worksheets , which have been developed with the intention of catering to novices who are eager to begin their adventure of learning Chinese numbers. Designed to provide students with the assistance they need to understand the fundamentals of writing numbers in Chinese, this resource is perfect for those who are just beginning their journey into this fascinating language.

Comprising 10 pages, this worksheet set covers numerals 1-10 in both English and Chinese characters, providing a user-friendly method to understanding and practicing essential numerical concepts. Each page focuses on a single number and provides a variety of interesting activities in addition to showing the numbers’ corresponding Pinyin, which is the phonetic pronunciation of the number. To ensure that students have a well-rounded and engaging educational experience, these activities include coloring jobs, counting exercises, and adequate area for writing practice.

Learners will benefit from the inclusion of a bonus worksheet consisting of two pages, which will allow them to refresh and reinforce the abilities that they have recently acquired. For the purpose of consolidating information and developing confidence in the mastery of Chinese numbers, this additional content serves as a helpful resource.

The multilingual worksheets provided by Edufrienz go beyond the conventional methods of instruction, providing novices with an engaging and delightful introduction to the world of Chinese numbers. This resource provides students with the tools they need to confidently explore and write Chinese numbers. It does so by putting an emphasis on interactive activities and abundant practice space.

No. of Pages: 40
Recommended for Ages: 7-8

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