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Primary 1 to 3 Chinese Writing Practise Worksheets (Vol 3B) – Digital Printable

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Introducing our Chinese Worksheets, meticulously designed to assist students in honing their Chinese character writing skills and enhancing penmanship. Aligned with the Singapore Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines and structured according to the chapters taught per semester, these worksheets are an invaluable resource for learners.

Each set of worksheets encompasses the Chinese characters essential for students, offering a stroke-by-stroke guide accompanied by two blank rows for independent practice. Additionally, a summary page consolidates the Chinese characters covered in each chapter, aiding students in recollecting their learning.

Tailored for primary school students, this practice resource is crafted based on the “Happy Partners” curriculum outlined by the Singapore Ministry of Education. The inclusion of stroke guidance and dedicated practice space ensures a focused and effective learning experience. The final summary page serves as a handy tool for students to review and reinforce their understanding of the chapter’s content.

This electronic version grants parents the flexibility to print unlimited copies, allowing their children to master the art of writing Chinese characters through consistent practice. Moreover, this edition serves as a valuable reference for sharing the list of words incorporated into the learning journey of Singaporean students. It can be utilized as supplementary practice to reinforce key vocabulary within the syllabus.

This Chinese Worksheets resource serves as an excellent learning tool for children to acquire basic words taught in Singapore’s primary education system. The comprehensive nature of these Chinese Worksheets makes them an essential aid for students and learners of the Chinese language

No. of Pages: 29
Recommended for Ages: 7-8

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