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Spark Frienz Teamwork Printable Worksheet

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Teamwork Time! Fun Activities for Young Learners With Spark Frienz Teamwork Printable Worksheet
This downloadable worksheet is packed with engaging activities designed to help kindergarten and early primary graders explore the concept of teamwork in a fun and creative way!

What’s Inside?

Two Activity Formats:

Word Order: Unscramble simple sentences related to teamwork to create a clear picture of the scenario.
Creative Writing: Use the provided visuals as prompts to write a short story about teamwork!

What We’ll Learn?

Importance of working together
Communication and listening skills
Sharing and taking turns
Problem-solving as a team

Activity 1: Word Order Scramble

Get your brain working! Unscramble the words in each sentence to reveal a story about teamwork.


breakfast sat down Ping for his (Ping sat down for his breakfast)

Activity 2: Creative Writing Prompts

Look at the pictures and let your imagination soar! Write a short story about teamwork based on the visual prompt.

No. of pages: 7

Age: 5-9


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