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Daily Journal and planner for kids

US $1.99

Experience the realm of Edufrienz through our meticulously designed Daily Journal and Planner tailored for young children.

This Daily Journal and Planner is not only a scheduling tool, but also a lively resource intended to foster self-expression and daily planning abilities in children. The vibrant pages provide a captivating environment for children to record their ideas, contemplate on daily events, and strategize for the thrilling escapades that await them. This provides students with a chance to articulate their distinct educational encounters and individual development.

The distinctive feature of this planner lies in the inclusion of our charming SPARK characters embellishing each page. These adorable friends join our youngsters while they complete their daily and monthly duties, enhancing the planning process by providing both instructive and fun experiences. Through their participation in SPARK, our children will progressively develop into adept strategists and articulate authors.

Motivate your children to engage in unrestricted writing, enabling them to discover the pleasure of self-expression while cultivating crucial organizational abilities. Obtain the Daily Journal and Planner immediately and observe the profound process as our youngsters actively participate in introspection and deliberate strategizing. Equipped with SPARK, this diary transforms into a treasured ally, providing invaluable guidance during the exhilarating journey of self-exploration and individual development.

No of Pages: 11
Recommended Age: 6-9