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Let’s Learn 3D Shapes (Vol 1) – Digital Printable

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Welcome to Edufrienz’s extensive library of learning materials, with a focus to learn 3D shapes. With care and consideration, we have assembled this special edition to assist your children on their path to learning and growth.

Adapted to your child’s individual requirements, this version is part of Edufrienz’s extensive collection of worksheets for learning and activities. The offered worksheets are a great way to get your kids interested in learning about new subjects and techniques in an interesting and interactive way.

The intriguing realm of three-dimensional forms is the special focus of this issue. Crafted to introduce your kid to the 10 essential 3D forms, the activities concentrate on two primary groups of shapes. The purpose of these fun and engaging activities is to introduce your kids to the idea of three-dimensional forms and to help them get more acquainted with their qualities and characteristics.

While making sure your kid learns to recognize, comprehend, and work with 3D forms, our objective is to make learning fun for them. Our goal is to foster your child’s natural curiosity and develop their spatial awareness and geometric comprehension via engaging in hands-on activities.

This version, which focuses on learning 3D shapes, is a testimony to Edufrienz’s commitment to offering cutting-edge educational tools and improving the learning process. In a fun, interactive, and engaging way, this special material will help your youngster build on their core knowledge of geometry and spatial ideas.

Activity: Tracing each shape accordingly.

No. of Pages: 15
Recommended for Ages: 5-7

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